39 Things That Are Better than Sex

Dear Blog Readers: Some of you want more contests. There will be one in a few weeks. Others asked if I’d share a column I wrote for AARP. One that got a lot of ‘likes’ is “50 Things that are


Dear Readers, I am glad that I wasn’t The one forced to choose The school contest winner You all shared good news.   Your entries are brave Poignant, honest, and real, You touched minds and hearts You sure got the

5 Things that Might (or Might Not) Interest You Including Stuff about Norman Lear

The deadline for the Love ‘N Stuff’s ‘A School Day’s Contest’ has been extended. It is Oct. 17, not Oct. 10. One of the judges cannot judge until next week. I’ll announce the winner here on Oct. 21. Last Friday

A School Days Contest For You

Last Wednesday night, my home writing class resumed. The newest member started during the summer. Most have been in the group for years. One woman, who has been writing short first-person pieces, is taking a leap with a long third-person

My Upcoming High School Reunion: a Biggie

 Buffalo News–Opinion Page–September 5, 2014   High school reunion is eagerly anticipated (The piece below appeared on the op-ed page of The Buffalo News on Friday, Sept 5, 2014. Items #12 and 22 were edited. Below are my original 12

To Richie Smolev: In Loving Memory

Offerings: A Novel by Richard Smolev (Oct 15, 2012)   Dear Richie, I made my ALS ice bucket donation in your memory. I wish you were here so we could talk. In 2013, after our mutual friend told me about


Each spring, several months before we got on the bus to camp,  Uncle Lou, the owner/director of Tamakwa—the Big Beaver or Unca as we called him–sent out a ‘What to Bring’ list.  The first area before Clothing, Toiletries, Bedding, and

Hocean Thoughts

I’m on a porch in Napeague between Amagansett and Montauk, between a swim and walk and I’m staring at the hocean.  My Grandma Cohen who emigrated from Russia–“the old country”she called it– and spoke with an accent put an ‘h’