Turn of the Corkscrew

I am rejoicing. The other day, I bought my husband THE EMPEROR OF ALL MALADIES by Siddhartha Mukherjee at Turn of the Corkscrew, a new independent bookstore on Long Island in Rockville Centre. The store, which opened last month, is

Furiously Happy and a Little Bit Sad

My New School fall class, Writing From Personal Experience, ended last night. Today I started to get post partum-y. I loved reading my students’ manuscripts and hearing their comments on each other’s work. They are good people, good writers, and


Two judges picked Carole as the winner of the Sept. 15 contest. Yeah, Carole! Congratulations to you. Here is her wonderful entry: “Dumb Luck” or “Besheirt”? Not receiving any sorority invites in grade 9, I became an active member of


4 TRUTHS AND A CONTEST FOR YOU Happy Rosh Hashanah! Not to get all self-helpie, but Wayne Dyer’s obituary, the first thing I read after a 12-day trip, ending in Buffalo for my 50th Bennett High reunion, makes me want


Janet Erenstoft (1912-2015) Today September 8th would have been the 103rd birthday of my first best friend’s mother.  She died last month a few weeks before our 50th Bennett High reunion.  At her bedside, near the end, Inez started to

My Big News

A short post with big news: my memoir has been accepted by Passager Books, affiliated with the University of Baltimore. It will be published in the spring of 2016. My editors, Kendra and Mary, are beyond terrific. I’m thrilled to

My Heroes

Thurs. two days before the bike event: I bought the healthy snacks my wonderful AARP editor, Allan, a long distance biker, told me to buy for my husband: bananas, peanut butter, apples, oranges, and Fig Newtons. I ate them. Friday,