Hocean Thoughts

I’m on a porch in Napeague between Amagansett and Montauk, between a swim and walk and I’m staring at the hocean.  My Grandma Cohen who emigrated from Russia–“the old country”she called it– and spoke with an accent put an ‘h’

Tips, Exercises, and Classes

A longtime student in my Wednesday home group emailed saying that he cannot find the inspiration to write and wonders what to do.  I reminded him as I remind my students week after week when I’m in their faces that

29 Things about My Current Renovation Including Stuff about Grey

  It’s the bathroom It’s the tiles, medicine chest, lighting, sink, toilet, and paint I’ve been going steady with Benjamin Moore Our neighborhood paint store opens at 7:30 am.  Some days I greet the manager and first shift when they

4 Things to Remember

  I was a speaker at the Writer’s Digest Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel in NYC this past weekend.  In addition to offering my workshop and signing copies of my book, WRITING FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, I networked, attended panel discussions,

The Winners are Leonard Cohen and John

The judges of the Sweet Summer Experience Contest I ran several weeks ago chose John’s entry. Here it is: 1960: first time driving a tractor, first time meeting the neighbor’s daughter, first kiss in a hay mow, first time in

My Guest Blogger and My Contest Reminder

  Dear Readers: The deadline for your Sweet Summer Contest entries (see July 9 post) is extended to July 25.  One of the two judges is out of town.  You will have a chance to enter if you haven’t already

A Sweet Summer Experience and a Contest for You

  At 8:55 am on the first day of summer, I am at Breads Bakery on 16th Street a block from my apartment, putting on a hair net.  I stop at this new neighborhood bakery most days on the way

One Man and His Dog

 Dear Readers, The next post will be a contest.  Stay tuned.            In last week’s post, I wrote about a song my father taught me when I was a child and how the night before he died, he burst out