My Big News

A short post with big news: my memoir has been accepted by Passager Books, affiliated with the University of Baltimore. It will be published in the spring of 2016. My editors, Kendra and Mary, are beyond terrific. I’m thrilled to

My Heroes

Thurs. two days before the bike event: I bought the healthy snacks my wonderful AARP editor, Allan, a long distance biker, told me to buy for my husband: bananas, peanut butter, apples, oranges, and Fig Newtons. I ate them. Friday,

Lobster Rolls, My Mother-in-Law, and Other New England Treasures

  First road-trip stop—Boston—to see my 98-year-old (in Sept.) mother- in- law. The witty remarks and laughter kept coming. Her gratitude for our visit, her health, and being alive were apparent. So was her interest in me. She asked a

The Winners…

We all won last week with the same sex marriage ruling.  Talk about wonderful!  Talk about great! About the Dad contest on my blog:  those of you who entered were all winners, too. I love your entries. I laughed. I

Your Contest/My Dad

Gone from this world since 1997, my father now guides me from heaven before or after his early bird dinners and bridge games; his voice, wit, and wisdom remain strong. When alive, he showed up big time in my life


1. My Buffalo News piece on my upcoming Bennett High reunion (Sept. 5, 2014 and posted on my blog Sept. 16, 2014) has been reprinted in the current issue Reunions The editor asked what ‘weck’ is and added the explanation

Top 10 List about David Letterman’s Departure and Then Some

10. I didn’t watch it regularly. It was on too late for me. 9.   It was too-a-lot-of-other-things, too. 8.   No need or room for those here. 7.   Still, endings are endings.  I hate good-byes. 6.    So I’ll be watching his


I’m only the messenger, delivering the news.   A good thing, too. I read your April 20 contest entries again. No way could I have picked just one. They all resonate. They’re all great. For example, what Char’s mother said on